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Testimonials: Fighting SLAPPs with CASP

Here are some client and attorney testimonials about their experience with CASP:

CASP has done an extraordinary job for Yelp and its users in fending off SLAPPs. They have an unmatched understanding of the legal terrain both at the trial and appellate levels, particularly when it comes to the public’s interest in online consumer speech.”
Laurence Wilson, General Counsel Yelp! Inc., San Francisco, CA
It is widely acknowledged that Mr. Goldowitz is the best of the best in this field, anywhere. Nothing more need be said.”
Scott Kaufman, Esq. California Lemon Lawyers, San Jose, CA
I am so very fortunate to have found and retained the legal services of CASP. I do not know what I would have done without the services of this fantastic law firm. They are a caring group of attorney’s that are very professional and deliver. The line of communication from client to attorney are always open. Calls are always promptly returned and questions I have had, regardless whether they were simple or involved, were answered patiently and to my satisfaction. If you have been served with a SLAPP lawsuit you need not go anywhere else, period. I highly recommend the firm and will always feel indebted to them. We the public are fortunate indeed to have CASP in our corner!”
Roberto Gomez Tenant Activist
I have had the pleasure of being co-counsel with CASP when my client was SLAPPed.  CASP also represented me when I was hit with a SLAPP.  CASP attorneys are the pre-eminent experts in the defense of SLAPPs in California and they provide superb representation.  I highly recommend them, without reservation, to both individual SLAPP victims and to lawyers who need to find high-quality specialized representation for their clients who have been SLAPPed.”
Paul Glusman, Esq. Law Offices of Paul Glusman, Berkeley, CA
As an attorney, finding myself the victim of a SLAPP was both personally and professionally damaging. I turned to the crew at CASP for representation, and thanks to them and their expertise, we defeated the SLAPP, first in the trial court, and again in the Court of Appeal. When faced with the burden of a SLAPP, being represented by Mark Goldowitz and Paul Clifford made it easier to go home and get a good night’s sleep, knowing that my case was in good hands. In fact, I continue to consult with them when anti-SLAPP questions arise on behalf of my own clients. CASP’s success defeating my SLAPP has restored my sense of the world as a place where justice lives and breathes.”
Joseph Yanny, Esq. Yanny & Smith, Los Angeles, CA
CASP did an outstanding job representing me in the Superior Court and in the Court of Appeal, where we were ultimately successful. I contacted at least three professionals in the practice area before retaining CASP, but no one else was willing to take on my case. I think that CASP’s knowledge of and experience with anti-SLAPP motions gives them the confidence to take on complex cases like mine. I am really grateful that CASP took my case and got the lawsuit against me dismissed.

In my experience, the CASP attorneys really care about their clients, and they do everything they can to reduce out of pocket fees and expenses. Not only did they take my case, but they also took the time to research the possibility of my insurance policies covering the legal expenses.

The attorneys at CASP are ethical and work with a high level of professionalism and integrity. I highly recommend CASP to prospective clients.”

Michelle Daneshrad, Esq. Completion Law Firm, Woodland Hills, CA
I am eternally grateful for the representation I received from CASP. After a horrible experience with a dentist, I wrote a review on Yelp! so that other patients could avoid what I went through. Unfortunately, the dentist filed a SLAPP against me and claimed my review had caused her to suffer economic losses. I was terrified at the thought of being punished financially for simply posting my opinion online, but after thoroughly researching my options, it was clear that CASP had the greatest expertise and success record with this type of case. The attorneys at CASP were wonderful to work with and succeeded in having the SLAPP dismissed.”
Jennifer Batoon Online Reviewer
I have practiced media law for 30 years and have had the opportunity to work with Mark Goldowitz on many matters. Without question, he is a leading expert on California’s anti-SLAPP law and has spearheaded many of the most cutting edge anti-SLAPP cases in this State. His organization, California Anti-SLAPP Project, is uniformly recognized as the leader in such litigation.”
James Wagstaffe, Esq. Kerr & Wagstaffe, LLP, San Francisco, CA
I have collaborated with Mark Goldowitz and CASP on several motions for attorneys fees. Mark is widely and appropriately recognized and respected as the leading expert on the California anti-SLAPP law and anti-SLAPP litigation in California. If I were ever SLAPPed, CASP would be the first place I would seek representation.”
Richard Pearl, Esq. Law Offices of Richard M. Pearl, Berkeley, CA
CASP successfully defended me against a SLAPP and not only vindicated me personally, but helped diffuse the SLAPP filer’s attack on me professionally. I am so grateful that Mark Goldowitz worked to get anti-SLAPP legislation passed in California in time for my case. The anti-SLAPP law preserves justice and protects people who take stands against abuses of power and then become threatened with a lawsuit by Big Money. Being SLAPPed was an extremely stressful experience, but with CASP defending me I knew that I was getting the best representation. Thank you!”
Dr. Faye Snyder Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
It was an absolute pleasure working with CASP. Not only did we protect our client from a SLAPP suit, we taught the other side a lesson about counter-suits against employees. And we got a published appellate decision out of it! This was fun and we should do it again.”
Scott Bonagofsky, Esq. San Ramon, CA
I turned to CASP when I and my then 13-year-old daughter were SLAPPed for speaking to government officials about alarming behavior we believed to be criminal.  As a parent, I knew I was acting in the best interest of my child, and we never imagined that our actions would result in the litigation that ensued.  It was a great relief to have CASP so ably defend us and our First Amendment rights.  We feel very fortunate to have found such a knowledgeable and dedicated team of attorneys.”
Vered Nisim Parent
If you need your rights to free speech protected, there is nobody better than CASP. Experts in their practice and knowledge of your rights. Take the time to read CASP cases and you will quickly realize that there are none better. They protected my rights in a libel dispute, I could not have found a better firm with a better cause, period.”
Barry Bruhns Online Reviewer
I am an attorney who represented a whistleblower being sued for defamation. I filed an anti-SLAPP motion. I initially contacted CASP to seek advice on anti-SLAPP law, as this was the first time I had handled such a case. Through the assistance of CASP, we successfully obtained a dismissal of the suit, along with an award of costs and attorney’s fees. CASP has also provided a great deal of help collecting the costs and attorney’s fees from the other side. My experience working with CASP has been wonderful. The attorneys are professional, knowledgeable, competent and diligent. I would highly recommend their services to others.”
Kevin Schwin, Esq. Mortimer & Schwin, Attorneys at Law, Madera, CA
Mark Goldowitz’s expertise regarding the anti-SLAPP statute has been invaluable and has enabled me to enhance my success rate in court and to recover much more in attorneys’ fees than I otherwise would have. Mark’s suggestions as to how best to present my fee request to the court were extremely helpful, and, along with his declaration in support of my fee motion, helped me recover nearly all of the fees I sought. Mark Goldowitz is the go-to guy when it comes to the anti-SLAPP statute, and I highly recommend his services.”
Brad Hertz, Esq. The Sutton Law Firm, Los Angeles, CA
When I retired I was the subject of a SLAPP suit. I hired a lawyer who took a large amount of money from me promising a favorable end to my lawsuit. We went to court and this lawyer presented a case that we lost. I had to appeal it. After talking to many people California Anti-SLAPP Project was highly recommended. This law firm has changed many of the SLAPP laws. Because of the knowledge of Mark Goldowitz and Paul Clifford who appealed my case I received a favorable decision, receiving a substantial cash settlement. I will always speak highly and recommend California Anti-SLAPP Project to anyone desiring a competent law firm.”
George Viscia Concerned Citizen
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