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Supporters of Assembly Bill 1675

(1999 Amendment to the California Anti-SLAPP Statute)

Assembly Bill 1675, sponsored by the Assembly Judiciary Committee, amended section 425.16 of the Code of Civil Procedure to make the denial of a special motion to strike an appealable order. AB 1675 was supported, among others, by:

California Anti-SLAPP Project
Golden State Mobilhome Owners League
California Newspaper Publishers Association
California School Boards Association
California Broadcasters Association
California School Employees Association
American Civil Liberties Union
Californians for Justice
Planning and Conservation League
Mexican Political Association
League of California Cities
Rural Canyons Conservation Fund
California Labor Federation
Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
California Employment Lawyers Association
Orange County Register
Michael D. Bradbury, District Attorney of Ventura County
Rev. Stephen T. Anderson, Senior Pastor, Healing Waters Church, Colton

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