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Anti-SLAPP Assistance for Attorneys

If you are an attorney representing a client who has been SLAPPed, need assistance with a fee motion or collection matter, or need expert witness testimony for an anti-SLAPP matter, please contact us.

Special Counsel

CASP frequently collaborates as special counsel for defendants in SLAPPs.

It was an absolute pleasure working with CASP. Not only did we protect our client from a SLAPP suit, we taught the other side a lesson about counter-suits against employees. And we got a published appellate decision out of it! This was fun and we should do it again.”
Scott Bonagofsky, Esq. San Ramon, CA
I have had the pleasure of being co-counsel with CASP when my client was SLAPPed.  CASP also represented me when I was hit with a SLAPP.  CASP attorneys are the pre-eminent experts in the defense of SLAPPs in California and they provide superb representation.  I highly recommend them, without reservation, to both individual SLAPP victims and to lawyers who need to find high-quality specialized representation for their clients who have been SLAPPed.”
Paul Glusman, Esq. Law Offices of Paul Glusman, Berkeley, CA
It is widely acknowledged that Mr. Goldowitz is the best of the best in this field, anywhere. Nothing more need be said.”
Scott Kaufman, Esq. California Lemon Lawyers, San Jose, CA

Consulting Services

CASP provides counsel with consulting services on an as-needed basis. In addition to consulting on SLAPP matters in general, CASP can also assist in the following ways:

Fee Motions

SLAPP defendants who prevail on a special motion to strike are entitled to an award of attorneys’ fees and costs. This fee-shifting provision of the anti-SLAPP law is an essential part of the Legislature’s plan for fighting SLAPPs: it deters potential SLAPP filers, and helps ensure SLAPP defendants are able to retain competent counsel.

CASP has nearly twenty years of experience bringing motions for attorneys fees with great success and can assist attorneys in this effort.

I have collaborated with Mark Goldowitz and CASP on several motions for attorneys fees. Mark is widely and appropriately recognized and respected as the leading expert on the California anti-SLAPP law and anti-SLAPP litigation in California. If I were ever SLAPPed, CASP would be the first place I would seek representation.”
Richard Pearl, Esq. Law Offices of Richard M. Pearl, Berkeley, CA
Mark Goldowitz’s expertise regarding the anti-SLAPP statute has been invaluable and has enabled me to enhance my success rate in court and to recover much more in attorneys’ fees than I otherwise would have. Mark’s suggestions as to how best to present my fee request to the court were extremely helpful, and, along with his declaration in support of my fee motion, helped me recover nearly all of the fees I sought. Mark Goldowitz is the go-to guy when it comes to the anti-SLAPP statute, and I highly recommend his services.”
Brad Hertz, Esq. The Sutton Law Firm

Collection and Enforcement of Fee Awards

A SLAPP filer often refuses to pay an award of fees and costs. Unfortunately, many attorneys have little knowledge of collections law and the rights and remedies available to judgment creditors. Once an award has been entered and you know that a SLAPP filer is likely to resist payment, swift action is often necessary in order to preserve your rights and prevent the concealing of assets. Many SLAPP filers also have sophisticated means of protecting or hiding assets that should be applied to payment of a judgment. CASP has experience in this area and can assist in collection of court-awarded fees.

I am an attorney who represented a whistleblower being sued for defamation. I filed an anti-SLAPP motion. I initially contacted CASP to seek advice on anti-SLAPP law, as this was the first time I had handled such a case. Through the assistance of CASP, we successfully obtained a dismissal of the suit, along with an award of costs and attorney’s fees. CASP has also provided a great deal of help collecting the costs and attorney’s fees from the other side. My experience working with CASP has been wonderful. The attorneys are professional, knowledgeable, competent and diligent. I would highly recommend their services to others.”
Kevin Schwin, Esq. Mortimer & Schwin, Attorneys at Law, Madera, CA

Expert Witness Testimony

CASP provides expert witness testimony on a variety of anti-SLAPP matters.

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